About KidKupz®

When your child is sick, it’s stressful enough. But getting him or her to take a harsh-tasting medicine can often add to the stress. You may find your little one hates the taste and spits out the medication or refuses to swallow it. We recognize this as one of the universal conflicts between a parent and child. Thankfully, now there is a way to help ease that task.

“KidKupz’s fruit-flavored rims makes taking liquid medicine easy and delicious for kids!” says company co-founder Jill Addeo. “It’s about making something unpleasant less of a chore and more of a treat.”

We know from our own experiences raising children that it can be difficult to give medication to a child – and proper medication dosing is absolutely critical. In fact, research from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) shows that up to half of the children taking liquid medications do not take them properly.

KidKupz® combines a standardized dosage cup with clearly marked measurements, and a way to offer sick children an instant treat with the all natural fruit flavor that coats the rim.

Other child safety products that use flavoring agents have come on the market in recent years but the concept of masking the harsh taste of medicine simply doesn’t work. With KidKupz®, the natural sour candy crystals coating the rim work to chase away the harsh taste of the medicine immediately after your child swallows it. No need to give your child a treat after their medicine – it’s built right into the cup.

The AAP and other childhood experts also agree that it is important to allow children to have some choice and some control in medication dosing. This is where KidKupz® excels – because with KidKupz®, your child can chose a favorite color or flavor each time a dose is administered.

KidKupz’s® ground-breaking design gives parents the power to help make the medicine go down!