Solving the problem of trying to administer
harsh-tasting medicine to sick, fussy children...

This truly unique medication dispenser, endorsed by a renowned pediatrician and parents alike, will eliminate the days of chasing children from room to room at the mention of taking their medicine. KidKupz® is at the forefront of child safety products. They make taking medication a fun, easy, and tasty experience.

What's more, KidKupz® features standardized dosage markings, making it a safe and reliable method for administering both over-the-counter and prescription liquid medicines. The all naturally flavored rim offers a fresh, fruity flavored, sweet solution...

KidKupz Fruit Flavored Medicine Dispensing Cups

Pediatrician Recommended

Child Safety ProductsLeft Quote With KidKupz®, parents can finally have one practical, safe solution that not only helps ensure the proper dosage, but also helps to ease the problems many parents encounter when administering liquid medicine to their children.Right Quote
- Bruce J. Brovender, MD., F.A.A.P.